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  • Cut through the noise with clear signals and advanced analysis tools
  • Fast fills with easy order entry interface
  • Zero in on your trades with complete trade management
  • Know the fundamentals without being a research assistant
  • Earn while you learn with 1:1 coaching and simulated trading
  • Know before investing a dime with intuitive back-testing and Monte Carlo analysis
  • You're never alone with live customer service
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Andrea Unger
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Brady Preston
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Trade Navigator's award-winning trading platform and state-of-the-art trading tools provide in-depth trading analysis, custom back-testing strategy development, and trade-from-the-chart capability unmatched in the stocks, options, and commodities industry. Our back-testing tools serve as the standard for trading strategy development and implementation to give you the edge in your stocks, options, and commodities trading. Trade Navigator seamlessly connects with dozens of stocks, options, and commodities brokers enabling you to stay with your current brokerage team. We invite you to join the thousands of other Traders that have found the edge with the Trade Navigator trading platform.